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The first ever Sheffield Homage2Fromage...




About Yorkshire Cheese

  • Historically, Yorkshire was always a honey-pot of delicious and diverse cheeses. In the 19th century around 1000 cheeses were reported on sale at North Yorkshire’s Yarm fair.

  • In 1933 The Milk Marketing Board changed everything with the advent of a national scheme for the collection and distribution of milk, the resulting income negated the need to for cheese making.

  • By the start of the Second World War there were still some 433 farms making cheese - but over the next 20 years the art of cheese-making all but disappeared.

  • Thanks to amazing local creameries, Yorkshire cheese is once more winning awards.



1.Harrogate Blue

Judy and Caroline Bell from Shepherd’s Purse – who are here with us tonight - launched their fabulous new cheese at Homage2Fromage Leeds in June 2012 and it’s one of our most well loved local cheeses. This golden bodied, delicate, blue veined cheese is made with milk from Yorkshire cows and is soft and luxuriously creamy with a hint of pepper to finish.


2. Hawes Kit Calvert Wensleydale

Kit Calvert is a lovingly handcrafted buttery, creamy textured cheese - celebrating the father of Wensleydale cheese ‘Kit Calvert’, who helped to save the Wensleydale Creamery from closure in 1935. It is what is known as the “posh Wensleydale!”...


3. Bluemin White

Another award-winning cheese by Shepherd’s Purse, this is a melt-in-the-mouth, blue mould ripened cow’s milk cheese with a creamy texture and a mature cheese flavour.


4. Fountain’s Gold

This cheese is not for the weight-watchers out there! This cheddar-type cheese is made from Jersey and Guernsey gold top milk at the famous Wensleydale creamery in Hawes. It is a warm golden colour with a super-rich, buttery taste.





5. Hellfire

Created by Richard at Cryer and Stott to celebrate the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire, this cheese uses local Leeds Brewery beer called Hellfire and wholegrain mustard. Leeds is twinned with Lille in France, where they make a cheese called 'Old Stinker' - washed the cheese is washed in a local ale. Leeds Brewery Hellfire Ale is made with American hops so has a real flavour to it, which compliments the cheese amazingly well!


6. Swaledale Farmhouse

Creamy and smooth, nutty and sweet, this is an exceptional artisan cheese. The Reed family has been making Swaledale cheese in Richmond since 1987. The Swaledale recipe and methods are protected and accredited with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status.


7. Ribbleddale Goat’s cheese

Ribblesdale Cheese company is made up of three cheese-makers (Lydia, Stuart and Iona) in Hawes, North Yorkshire who specialise in goat cheese from a single herd. They make everything by hand and in a long slow traditional way. This classic goat’s cheese is creamy and smooth with a gentle goat taste, and a hint of lemon. A goats cheese for those not wanting to be overpowered. This cheese melts well and is great in cooked dishes.





All about Homage2Fromage...

Homage2Fromage is run by Vickie Rogerson and Nick Copland and is a monthly cheese club. The aim of the club is to celebrate great cheese in an informal fun way. So, if you are passionate about cheese, curious about how it’s made, where it comes from, who makes it, why something so simple can be so diverse, so versatile, so delicious – this is the club for you.


We offer membership which is £10 year and you get a rather lovely Membership Card, cheaper tickets every single month, and 10% off cheese at selected delis and cheese shops in Sheffield – to be announced...


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Cheesy thanks, Vickie and Nick

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