South West Cheese

South West Cheese!
The Wurzels? Liberal Democrats? That accent? There is soooo much more to the West Country than meets the eye or tastebud!. As usual we have taken a good look and found you the very best, delicious cheese from Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.

1. Garlic Yarg

Invented by Alan Gray back in the 1980s (the guy who gave It his name – reversed) this great new cheese is now made by Ben and Catherine Mead in West Cornwall at their Lynher Dairies. They collect the milk from their own herds of Fresian, Ayreshire and Jersey cows as well as milk from a few specially selected surrounding farms, to make a softly, firm, but slightly crumbly cheese – typically wrapped in nettles, we have chosen the variety wrapped in wild garlic leaves – each 'brushed-on' carefully by hand.

2. St Endellion Brie P+V
A luxury version of Cornish Brie made with double cream. This brie-style cheese has a wonderful character and complexity of flavour, and is handmade at the Cornish Country Larder creamery in Trevarrian

3. Montgomery Cheddar
You could not have West Country cheese without a world-beating British cheddar! And this one is a beauty... Montgomery's Mature Cheddar is the epitome of traditional, handmade, unpasteurised Somerset cheddar. It is matured for 12 full months wrapped in muslin cloth on wooden shelves and has deep, rich, nutty flavours.

4. Dorset Blue Vinney
One of three distinctive blues here tonight, this is a classic. Originally a by-product of the much more lucrative butter market. Before railways, milk couldn't be brought to market before it went off, so cheese and butter production was the main focus of dairy farms. Dorset butter was highly regarded in London, but skimming the rich full-fat for butter, left a lot of skimmed milk - which they turned into a hard, crumbly blue cheese. The word Vinney is (a) a local Dorset term "vinew", which means mouldy – or (b) a corruption of "veiny", referring to the blue veins running throughout the cheese.

5. Sharphams Rustic
Sharpham Cheeses are near neighbours of well-known Ticklemore Cheese in South Devon, and between them they produce a remarkable range of marvellous products. The 'Rustic' is semi-hard, matured for approximately 6-8 weeks, giving a light flavoured cheese with a moist, creamy texture. A thin, natural white rind forms during the maturation process.

6. Capricorn Goats V + P
Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheeses are carefully hand-crafted at the Lubborn Creamery. Situated in the beautiful valley of Cricket St Thomas, this Creamery is surrounded by the lush dairy pastures of Somerset. The curds are first cut into cubes, poured into moulds, which are turned up to three times to drain the whey..

7. Somerset Camembert
Lubborn's Somerset Camembert is rich and creamy with a soft edible white rind. As the cheese matures the curd softens, becoming a uniform butter or straw colour and developing a fuller flavour.

8. Cornish Blue V+P
Cornish Blue Cheese is a truly artisan hand made cheese, produced from milk supplied by the Stansfield’s family farm on the edge of Bodmin Moor near Liskeard in Cornwall. Skilfully handmade by a highly trained team of artisan cheese makers. Cornish Blue is a vegetarian, pasteurised, cows’ milk cheese which is dry-salted by hand before being left to mature for between 12 and 14 weeks.


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