Christmas cheese board!!!

Christmas Cheese!!

The best time of year for all things cheesy! This is just a selection of cheese that we love at Christmas… festive fromage!

  1. Old Amsterdam

After they lost their fishing business in 1930s, the Westland family found a new passion, namely cheese. Lambert Westland was determined to create a cheese that was reminiscent of the cheese his mother would give him as a child. After much experimentation, he settled on this – and it has been a firm favourite ever since.

  1. Colston Basset Stilton

An absolute classic! It was once believed that Stilton was made elsewhere and only called Stilton because that was where the cheese was sent to London from. However, there is now evidence of a cheese called Stilton that predates this, but as it was a ‘cooked cream cheese’ and not a blue at all, it is not really the same as this ruddy beauty…


  1. Vignotte

Vignotte is a high fat, triple cream French cheese produced in the Champagne-Ardenne region of Normandy with pasteurised cow’s milk. Due to the extra cream added during production, Vignotte is exceptionally fatty with nearly 75% fat. Perfect for Christmas indulgence!

  1. Capricorn Goat

One of our favourites – and just delicious – made in Somerset from the milk of ‘happy goats’…

  1. Montangolo Affine

Germany did the double in the 2013 World Cheese Awards by taking first and second place with the same modern cheese - a creamy blue made by Kaserei Champignon in Bavaria. The cheese beat two English Stiltons that had made it into the final 15 out of more than 2,700 entries. Traditionalists were not happy…

  1. Sage Derby

Once sage was added to slightly lower quality late season Derby cheese to make it a tastier, festive cheese. Now many makers simply add colouring to create a vibrant/vile green colour – this is the real thing though.

  1. Lincolnshire Poacher

Great combination of a cheddar and a Alpine style cheese – Poacher is a real favourite at this time of year

     8. Top Tier Wensleydale

The best, and most authentic Wensleydale this – no cranberries I’m afraid – this goes rather well with a bit of fruit cake!