New ticket prices for 2017

New tickets prices for 2017

We have held our ticket prices at a very reasonable £10 for Members and £12 for Non-Members for the last two years. Cheese prices are rising, and Brexit has had its impact already. We always want to be able to buy the very best cheese (and lots of it!), often from less mainstream sources and sustainable herds, all while keeping the fun, informal character of our events. We have standards and we are committed to maintain them.

So, from the beginning of 2017 we will be changing our prices to £12 for Members and £14 for Non-Members. We are confident that this still represents excellent value and look forward to a year of great cheese at Homage2Fromage.

We hope to see you soon at one of our events!



We are planning a change to the way Memberships work in 2017 – so while we set up the rather cool new Homage2Fromage Memberships, we will not be selling any more old Memberships. All will be revealed in April!!