Mediterranean Summer Cheese! - for FOUR

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Homage2Fromage2You - Mediterranean Summer Cheese – for 4

Ahoy there! 

Set sail around the Med – eat cheese and enjoy a pirate adventure!  

Summer is here! And with things warming up, what better way to celebrate summer than to sample the sunny, sexy cheeses of the Mediterranean?  

Discover glorious cheeses from Italy, Spain, France and Greece, plus some from a couple of fascinating little islands...  

Our Mediterranean Summer Cheese Box delivers generous portions of six gorgeous summer cheeses, plus olives, mini-bread sticks, and other accompaniments.  

There is also a fun game where you set sail as a pirate captain around the Mediterranean - stopping off to guess the exotic origin of your cheeses... 


You get: 

SIX VERY GENEROUS PIECES OF Mediterranean CHEESE - enough for 4 hungry people! 

Bread sticks, olives and accompaniments... 

Four H2F Plates 

Info, Winner's Medal etc. 

Our GAME MAP and FULL INSTRUCTIONS - all you need to play the Homage2Fromage2You Mediterranean Cheese Pirate Game!  

So, get ready to splice your mainbrace and set sail for delicious cheese!!  

Pirate accents preferred...   



Please double check your delivery address - especially the post code - as we need that to send your cheese. 

Also please make sure we have both an email and a mobile number for you - that way we can make sure you get notified about delivery times etc. 

Buying more than one box for different addresses?  

It's probably easier to make multiple orders and change the shipping address for each...    

NB We can only deliver to mainland UK at the mo... sorry....