Join your Local Cheese Club

What are Homage2Fromage Cheese Clubs

H2F Cheese Clubs are local PRIVATE Facebook Groups where people who love cheese can meet like-minded cheese-fans, discover cool cheese facts, get discounts to our local events and boxes, early-bird tickets and great local offers  - plus every month there is a competitions to win £50 of cheese! 

H2F Cheese Clubs are FREE and always will be. 

So, why an application? 
We want people to have a PRIVATE, safe space to talk about cheese, and cheesy things, away from the noise and hubbub of the rest of social media and the Internet in general... To do that we have set up our Cheese Clubs as Private, Hidden Facebook Groups - only Members can see them, the posts or anything else, and you can only be invited to join. 

Currently we are recruiting in 







Apply for MEMBERSHIP here.