British Cheese for FOUR people (with crackers, chutney and a fun game)

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Tour the Greatest British cheesemakers as you sample their delicious cheese, 
all from the comfort of your own home! 

The perfect BRITISH cheese tasting experience for FOUR people

Join Homage2Fromage2You on a Cheese Chase through England, Wales and Scotland.

You'll get everything you need for FOUR cheese lovers to discover the stunning cheese of our fair isle.

A stunning authentic cheddar, a tasty blue, a fabulous red, a supple semi-soft and something crumbly, plus a quirky classic!

Taste SIX top-quality, mystery BRITISH cheeses as you whizz around our MAP - try the cheese and try to guess where it is made!

There's a rather nice Cheese Champ Trophy for the winner! 

In your box, you get SIX GENEROUS PIECES (over 1.5kg) of Great British CHEESE - enouogh for FOUR hungry cheese hunters...


FOUR delicious chutneys

Four H2F Plates

Two packs of Posh Crackers

Info, CHEESE CHAMP trophy etc

Our MAP and FULL INSTRUCTIONS - plus all you need to play the Homage2Fromage2You Great British Cheese Chase! 


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