Christmas Cheese

Homage2Fromage presents  

Christmas Cheese!  

1 Montgomery Cheddar (UnP not V) - one of the classic British cheddars handmade by Jamie Montgomery and his family in Somerset. The cheese is made to a traditional recipe using unpasteurised milk and is matured for 12 months wrapped in muslin cloth on wooden shelves and has a deep, rich nutty flavour. 

2 Buffalo Blue - (P +V) - a smooth and creamy blue cheese made by Shepherds Purse from the highest quality milk from a single herd of Italian water buffalo based in Britain. Shepherds Purse receive the milk every two weeks and make this cheese in small batches by hand on the family farm in Yorkshire.   

3 Gorwydd Caerphilly - (UnP Not V) - a densely crumbly centre presenting fresh, lemony flavours gives way to a creamy, more mushroomy layer beneath the edible rind – the happy result of this Caerphilly being matured for longer than most Caerphilly cheeses made today. 

4 Hawes Wensleydale & Cranberry - (P+V) - classic Christmas cheese board staple – love it or hate it! Made with good quality Wensleydale cheese, this is creamy with a festive contrast of the sweet sharpness of cranberries. 

5 Red Storm – (P + V) - this is a modern take on the famous Red Leicester. Made by the wonderful Snowdonia Cheese Company – who you might know for Black Bomber - this ‘redefines what you would expect from a Red Leicester’ – punchy, full-flavoured with all the characteristics people love.  

6 Montagnolo Affine - (P+V) - a triple crème soft cheese that is both surface ripened and marbled with delicate blue veins. It combines the texture and rich tastes of a triple-crème brie, with the flavour of a blue cheese. Montagnolo Affine won the Supreme Champion award at the 2013 International Cheese Awards beating more than 3900 other cheeses in the process! 

7 Brie de Meaux with Truffle (P NotV) Made just 31 miles east of Paris this cheese was established in 1814 when it was declared Le Roi des Fromages – The King of Cheeses. It is protected by the AOC label which guarantees the quality of the cheese as well as where and how it’s made. This one has black truffle added for extra aromatic luxury.  

8 Kidderton Ash - (P+V) - A silky-smooth goats cheese made with their own goat’s milk by Butlers farmhouse dairy. Each cheese is coated and matured with ash for a distinctive finish that is furry and speckled, giving Kidderton Ash a spectacle of contrast in colour, texture and taste.