Run your own cheese event!

Yes, we all love the pub. But what one thing would make your local pub even better?  
The answer is (of course) CHEESE! 
Homage2Fromage is the cheese tasting event you can host at your local pub or bar.  
It’s fun  
It’s social  
It’s unique  
It’s friendly  
We make it easy to run, with full training, and tried and tested systems...   
There’s a new theme every month, and we curate, source and plan the cheese selection.    
We arrange secure delivery to your chosen venue. We deliver everything you need to run the event on the night... plates, branding, plus all the training advice and information you need to play the part. 
We also sell the tickets online – with a little bit of help from you and the venue...  
On the night - you are the host – setting up the table of cheese (it's easy), welcoming people, running the event.  
You simply lay out eight lovely cheeses - buffet style – make it look amazing!  Arrange the bread, crackers and chutney. 
Just before 7pm people arrive, queue up and – after you call CHEESE! They help themselves – to as much cheese as they like!  
It’s a blind tasting – so people eat first – then you get the fun of telling them all about the cheese at the end in a short presentation.
They drink what they like – it’s up to them.  
We provide all the training you need – we can even help with a fun video... which we provide too...   
The Homage2Fromage team provide all the info and training you will need and help you find a venue and choose your dates. We aim for monthly events. 
Our events are simple, fun, and popular – and you get to present the finest cheeses, in the fun-est way!   
You get to be the local cheese people, you learn about cheese, you get lots of cheese to sample, as well as FOUR free tickets for every event - to treat your friends - and we pay expenses - so you get a little cash too.  
It’s do-able for one person, but it’s even better for two or more... so we are looking for pairs or groups of people – couples, partners friends, brothers and sisters.   
To find out how you can be the host of fantastic Homage2Fromage cheese events in your town, click below or call Nick on 07963841086...