Host a Homage2Fromage Cheese Event at Your Venue

Homage2Fromage work with licensed venues to help them create regular, successful cheese events that drive business and build profile. 

We provide all the training you need- face to face or on video - all the information about cheese you need to sound as expert as us, the full use of our branding, logo and assets, help with marketing, plus national PR, marketing and support.

Venues love hosting Homage2Fromage because:

It helps increase evening visits early in the week – most venues use our events to boost Monday-Wednesday trade.

It's an excellent opportunity for promotion - cheese is very photogenic,
these events show your venue in a good light, our events add interest and
content to your social and promotions.

It attracts the right kind of customers. Venues report that the people
who come to these events are likely to return and add the venue to
their regular destinations.

The staff love it! The event is popular with staff who generally enjoy
working on those nights. Those staff running the event learn a lot
about cheese and get to try lots of different cheeses too!

It’s well organised, simple and effective. Tried, tested and proven.

Venues enjoy a good bar take, and make a little extra money from tickets too. 

Homage2Fromage have been running these events for over 10 years now. Contact us today to discuss bringing a popular cheese event to your venue. 

Nick Copland 07963841086