Our amazing Italian Cheese selection

1 Fontina cheese has been made in the Aosta Valley, in the Alps since the 12th century. A 15th-century fresco depicts cheese wheels that strongly resemble Fontina. Its name might come from the mountain pasture "Fontin" or the village "Fontinaz" in Italy's Aosta Valley. The real stuff can be identified by the Consortium stamp of the Matterhorn on the rind.

2 Gorgonzola (nV P) – there's a Lombardy legend of Gorgonzola’s origin where a cheese maker added new fresh curds to a vat and left it open all night. He apparently forgot about the curds because he was in a rush to meet his lover. He attempted to fix his mistake and added fresh curds to the vat and a few months later he was surprised with a new bluish mold that had grown on his cheese. He tasted this and realized the surprisingly great and unique taste of the cheese.

3 Parmigiano Reggio (nV nP) - a true Italian classic – perfect freshly grated over almost any pasta, we love it with a little honey to bring out the saltiness. It is so valuable it has been used for the collateral for bank loans by the bank Credito Emiliano – where the cheese matures with the loan, paying the interest.

4 Robiola Bosina Altalanga (nV P) - an aromatic, creamy Italian soft cheese, handcrafted from the finest milk – cow’s and ewe’s milk mixed it has bloomy rind, a soft and supple texture and silky smooth interior. The blend of different milks makes this characteristic Italian cheese rather special.

5 Castelrosso (nV nP) - one of the most ancient styles of cheese from the Piedmonte region of Italy - also known as Toma Brusca which roughly translates to acidic cheese - they let the milk acidify slightly before cheesemaking for a tart, bright flavour a crumbly texture. Made musing pasteurised whole milk from Pezzata Rossa cows, a breed native to the area, well adapted to the mountain pastures with a naturally more acidic milk.

6 Condio (nV P) a century-old cheese dating back to when Venice traded spices with all the Mediterranean countries. The soft, milky wheels are energetically massaged with herbs and spices - from pepper to cardamom, saffron and cinnamon. Made from a whole cow’s milk and goat rennet.

7 Maccagno (nV nP) - a very ancient cheese, produced on the southern slopes of Monte Rosa in the mountains of the Biella and Valsesia area. Supposedly this cheese was born on Alpe Macagn in Piedmont, on the border of the Aosta Valley. A semi-cooked cheese, soft and compact with scattered holes.

8 Taleggio (nV nP)- Yes! We literally love this cheese! It is made every autumn and winter when the cows are tired - the cheese is set on wood shelves in chambers, sometimes in caves and will mature within six to ten weeks. It is washed once a week with a seawater sponge in order to prevent mould infestation and to help form the typical orange or rose crust.