Christmas Cheese Box

We are delighted to showcase this years Christmas Cheese Box 2023 - As featured in BBC Good Food Magazine.

It contains FIVE amazing and well complimented Cheeses, specially selected by us and pieced and packed by George & Joseph Cheesemongers (Leeds).

Available to order NOW for delivery mid December - plenty of time before the big day (if you haven't eaten before then!!)

Price: £65






Westcombe Cheddar
This artisan Somerset raw milk cheddar is made in the hills of East Somerset. Full of flavour with notes of hazelnut, caramel and citrus. These wonderful traditional cheeses are crafted entirely by hand and aged for around 12-18 months in a special hillside cheese cellar. A mainstay of any Christmas cheeseboard, it’s also a belter in that Boxing Day toastie, it’s a great melty cheese.
(Raw milk, animal rennet)


Appleby’s Cheshire

Appleby's Cheshire cheese is a unique, complex cheese, with a delightfully crumbly texture and a zesty, full-bodied, tangy flavour. Once it was more famous than cheddar, but almost disappeared in the 20th Century. Today only the Appleby family make this traditional, farmhouse, raw milk, cloth-bound Cheshire cheese, using milk from their own herd of cows.
(Raw milk, animal rennet)



Mellow and buttery, a washed-rind cheese from the clover pastures at Chedworth’s Manor Farm. Typically bound in spruce bark, it develops a delicate, peachy-pink rind and a rich, almost spoonable texture. Named after the Neolithic Rollright stones on the Oxfordshire/ Warwickshire borders, near to the original site of the Dairy, just outside Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.
(Raw milk, animal rennet) 


Colston Basset

One of only five truly authentic Stiltons, Colston Basset is world famous for consistently excellent flavour, rich, crumbly texture. With origins that date back to the 18th Century when it was first made popular at The Bell Inn, Stilton, this is now a protected cheese and a Christmas tradition! Little has changed at Colston Basset since they started making cheese in 1913, and they still use the milk from four of the original local farms. Aged for three months, very creamy with a lasting bite.


Ticklemore Goat  

Ticklemore is made from Goat’s milk from three local farms, with a stark white colour, firm texture and mellow yet complex flavour with gorgeous hints of lemon. Made on the Sharpham Estate at Totnes, Ticklemore is a great British goat's milk cheese, it’s named after a street in Totnes and is delicious in a soufflé.
(Pasteurised and Vegetarian)