Homage2Fromage Events

First, find a Homage2Fromage venue near you.

There's a list of current events right here...

Then, simply buy your tickets online for an evening of fun, informative, informal cheese tasting at a one of our fabulous partner venues.

We make discovering great cheese easy!
We do all the hard work! You get to help yourself to generous portions of EIGHT glorious, specially selected cheeses with your friends.
Our fab cheese is always served with delicious chutneys, crackers and accompaniments. 
Eat cheese, drink whatever you like, and let someone else do the washing up! 
A new theme every month
Each month we have a different theme - ranging from regional to featured producers, classic combos and seasonal favourites. 
Book a fun table of fromage
You can usually reserve tables of two, four, six or more.
What to expect on the night...
You arrive and find your seat.
Cheeses are displayed whole wherever possible - so you can see them in all their glory!
For now, LOOK don't TOUCH! Feel free to take pictures, drool and generally get overexcited! 
You'll see that our cheeses are NUMBERED but not named (to start with), so you eat without prejudice.
Once EVERYONE has arrived and is ready, we countdown and shout 3-2-1 CHEEESE!!
At which point you can help yourselves! (yes, really!)
We recommend cutting a piece the size of your thumb of each cheese to get started - you can always come back for seconds (or thirds!).
Then enjoy the cheese - with delicious bread and crackers, chutney and accompaniments!
Once you have all finished, our hosts reveal the identity of the cheeses... 
Notes are always available - along with instructions as to how to order more of the cheese you love!   
It is fun, informal and informative, supports great cheesemakers and lets you discover the flavours, aromas and stories of amazing cheeses from all over!